Service robots are now available!

Win Win Industrial Company was founded in 1976. We have established a robotic team based in Hong Kong. We specialize in robotic technology and software development in particular for robots from Softbank Robotics, Sanbot Robotics and Kompai Robotics. Our services include:

Sales & Marketing
Service & Maintenance
Software Application Development

Our robotic services cover the commercial application for Hong Kong, Macau and China Market.

We specialize in software development, integration and chatbot solutions for industries such as banking and financial services, tourism and hospitality, transportation, retail environment and health care.

We offer tailor-made software solution for your robotic needs. Our goal is to create some dynamic and unique robotic experiences where everyone can enjoy this latest technology.

To see some of our works click here. We love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch with us.

If you are interested in robotics education and some hands-on workshops, visit our HK Roboratory Lab.