Lappset Fitness – Everybody is an athlete

Speed, strength and balance

Lappset Fitness products are designed to maintain and improve physical fitness – step by step. This combination of activity tracks and efficient, CrossFit-based muscle exercises flexibly adapts itself to every person's individual needs.

These versatile activity tracks build strength and endurance. A variety of training devices keeps exercise interesting and allows for setting specific goals and working efficiently towards reaching them. Everyone is free to use the equipment at their own pace for their personal fitness level – and above all, to cherish the sheer joy of physical activity.

Lappset Gym

Fitness training for everyone

Lappset Gym makes basic gym equipment available to everyone. When operating this attractive metal equipment, the user acts as both motor and resistance, simultaneously, training different muscle groups almost without effort.

Lappset Gym equipment is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their exercise level. These intuitive devices do not require any previous gym experience, as their ergonomic design directs the user's movements in accordance with recommended techniques. The exercise grounds impose no restrictions in that everyone is free to train at his or her own pace and level, and function as an excellent pit-stop point for example during a break from jogging.

Senior – Active beyond retirement

Well-being of body and mind

Senior parks are meeting places for all who pursue an active lifestyle far beyond retirement and enjoy exercising outdoors, in good company. Designed with the special needs of the elderly in mind, this product range offers exercise for body and mind alike, helping to maintain the skills needed to cope with everyday tasks.

Senior equipment trains coordination, motor skills and memory functions. Simple finger exercises, for example, are of a great help when it comes to opening food packaging and doors. The importance of maintaining muscle strength and balance become evident in many small things, from buttoning a shirt to travelling on public transport. Senior parks also play an important role as informal meeting places encouraging social interaction amongst seniors, a critical factor in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle during the retirement years.