KRUMMA is the leading playground equipment manufacturer in Iceland. In 1986, Elín Ágústsdóttir and Hrafn Ingimundarson saw the need to introduce a wider range of innovative playground equipment and toys to the Icelandic market and began their venture in Reykjavik, Iceland. KRUMMA’s aim is to offer the highest quality playground equipment with great service. Every piece of our equipment goes through careful examination of its safety, build quality and play quality, ensuring an overall secure, long-lasting and stimulating experience.

At KRUMMA, we never stop to innovate and design unique educational and exciting products. To expand from our eco-friendly product lines for kindergartens and schools, we developed a brand-new line catering to children of all ages, including adults who for a moment want to go back into the unlimited world of childhood. With ongoing urbanization, there is a need to integrate nature back into play as a critical element of sustainable development.

KRUMMA-Flow is inspired by the beauty of the Icelandic nature, which is unique, exciting and constantly evolving. The goal of KRUMMA-Flow is to provide an amazing medium resembling this rawest form of nature to reconnect people back to our source of inspiration.


The Spider Web is made of five lava pillars with a web of strong ropes suspended between them. The web is shaped like an actual spider web, irregular and exciting. Children can climb the lava pillars, crawl across the web or cling to it from below.

After all the exhilarating spider play, one can also just make one’s nest in the Spider Web, lie down and relax on the ropes while looking up at the sky and watching the clouds pass by.



The rocks of the KRUMMA-Flow Sound Cave are connected by a pipe serving as a passage for sound traveling between them. Children sitting in one cave can communicate with people sitting in the other cave, or just whisper into nature and see what it will answer.

Cities are filled with all kinds of hustle and bustle, but the KRUMMA-Flow Lava Cave offers a great quiet haven when some time-out is needed. It enables children to get away from the busy surroundings, relax and hone their senses when sitting in the cave playing with light and shadows, sound and stillness.