Lappset is an expert in play

Lappset is an expert in play, known for its persistent and unprejudiced approach to developing new innovations. We want to bring the joy of play to people of all ages.

Halo - the beacon of play

A playground full of sculptures

Halo is a safe playground for children and a work of art for adults. The clear lines of Halo are an expression of high-quality, durable Finnish wood design. Light brings safety and abstract forms leave plenty of room for the imagination.

Two factors make Halo stand out: its spacious, streamlined Scandinavian design, which offers more features than traditional playground equipment, and a lighting solution that facilitates longer playing hours into the evening. The soft light lends a warm, inviting atmosphere to climbing structures, slides, carousels and sandboxes.


Angry bird

The New Finno

Colours at play

We've revamped out classic product range with five matching colour themes and up-to-the minute design.

Flora - Closer to nature

One with nature

Designed for parks and gardened landscapes, Flora blurs the boundary between the playground and its environment. With its floral and arboreal shapes and designs, this classic playground equipment helps children to connect with nature.

Flora creates a safe space for wild adventures, where children learn new things through unrestrained play. The playground and its natural environment converge into a forest of discovery, where children become one with nature as they hide under leaf roofs or swirl around like elves on leaf carousels.

There is no better way of discovering nature than having fun with it.