Notts Sport


Notts Sport is a leading specialist in the design and supply of synthetic surfacing systems for children’s playgrounds. The company has over 25 years’ experience in providing non-turf technology in an amazing range of colourful, creative and exciting formats, including its innovative ChildsPlay systems.

ChildsPlay combines a tactile, vibrant artificial turf surface with a shock-absorbing base for added safety to meet requirements for equipment-linked or free play. Ideal for schools, nurseries and playgrounds, it is also cleaner, more visually appealing and offers greater wear and vandalismresistance than many alternative surfaces available.

By choosing Notts Sport for your project, you can also benefit from expert advice and assistance from the design stage to installation and aftercare. Our experienced ChildsPlay team is here to offer a guiding hand to help turn your dream project into a reality.


ChildsPlay is a versatile surfacing system that can be installed over existing asphalt, concrete, soil or stone. The system suits a range of environments, from a mud-free recreational area through to a surfacing that’s ideal under climbing frames, swings and other equipment and offers critical fall height protection of up to 3.0 metres.

Each variant of the ChildsPlay system is topped by VHAF NottsSward artificial turf, and so where a single scheme may use a combination of bases to meet different uses and safety requirements, to the child’s eye the ChildsPlay area enjoys the same huge appeal from edge to edge.